Uhive – A Social Metaverse Modlu Apk İndir 2022

5 Tem 2022
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Uhive – A Social Metaverse Modlu Apk İndir 2022

Uhive is the Metaverse app you always wished you had! At the crossroads of the physical and digital world is the Uhive Metaverse. Whether you’re a content creator, an influencer or someone who simply enjoys exploring new dimensions, Uhive has something new for everyone. Find content rich spaces, and ‘neighborhoods’, your favorite interests, in the Oasis – the world’s first 4D Metaverse content experience.

Turn your content or profile into an NFT and list it on Uhive’s Marketplace where you can sell or buy thousands of other user-generated digital assets.
Experience TRUE freedom of expression and speech with zero-censorship, as we launch the world’s first Metaverse decentralized moderation standard – Magna Carta Protocol – that puts you collectively in charge of the platform’s content and the volume level of everyone’s voice.

What makes Uhive different?

◾ Uhive operates a decentralized moderation protocol, meaning – no corporate censorship!
◾ Content discovery özgü never been more immersive, than with Uhive’s Oasis.
◾ Built-in direct messaging and group chats, as well as 26 different community interests.
◾ Paid spaces on Uhive have the potential to be some of the most valuable NFTs; they are unique and belong to the account holder. They’re virtual real estate, where you can buy additional spaces, or sell your own space/s. A space’s value can be determined by its location in Uhive’s Metaverse, levels of engagement, amount of content, and more.

Built into Uhive are the Five Laws of the Metaverse

A Metaverse should offer total autonomy by using decentralization at every possible opportunity.

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Uhive – A Social Metaverse Apk Full

◾ Metaverse should democratize the entire social system, allowing users to control policies through committees and community boards.
◾ The metaverse should be based on a circular economy. This means that everything is considered a digital asset and can be traded and sold using the blockchain.
◾ The metaverse should contain all of the above laws in the virtual world and act as a bridge to the physical world.

Create your space now to enjoy instant rewards!

We welcome all feedback

Like us, follow us, and share your experience with Uhive!

► Twitter – https://twitter.Com/UHivesocial
► Facebook – https://www.Feysbuk.Com/UHIVESocial
► Instagram – https://www.Instagram.Com/uhive/

You can email us directly at: support@uhive.Com



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