Polandball Can into Space Yeni Apk 2022

7 Nis 2019
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Polandball Can into Space Yeni Apk 2022

NOW available on Steam: store.Steampowered.Com/app/441050/

The internet-born and beloved countryballs comics (geopolitical satire) finally have a game to properly represent them, Polandball: Can Into Space! Break through Earths atmosphere to prove other countryballs once and for all they were wrong and conquer the final frontier!


-Visually representative of the original comics, with an ekstra touch of style and care, keeping their core as authentic as possible.

– Simple, yet effective controls: they thought bees shouldnt been able to fly due to their small wings in proportion to body size, yet the bees dont care too much of what we think about them. By that same principle, a few buttons can lead you to space, trust us.

– Progressive gameplay: Upgrade your rocket. You start with humble ship building materials, but humbleness can achieve great things if you add a touch of perseverance (and a bit of upgrades). 9 tiers of tech layered into multiple ship components will break or make your adventure, therefore explore, collect, upgrade and plow through your obstacles.

Polandball: Can into Space Apk Ücretsiz İndir

Learn which is which. Some are bad some are good, discover them

Space awaits you. Can Polandball into space?

Key Features:

# 56 items to upgrade Polandballs rocket
# 33 attributes to enhance your rocket
# 25 countryballs with different behavior
# Collect coins, fuel, burgers and magnets
# 3 Types of movement: Arrows, Touchscreen and Accelerometer
# Cool User interface
# Cool End Movie for fans who finish the game

Check our official website for more information and merchandise/t-shirts:

Heeeeyyy buna da gözat istersen...  CountryBalls Polandball Yeni Apk 2022


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