CarryMap offline mapping Yeni Apk 2022

12 May 2022
4.4 ve sonrası
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CarryMap offline mapping Yeni Apk 2022

Collect field data, add and edit point, line, and polygon features on your mobile map, share your informasyon with peers.

Access your maps everywhere you go, all app features are available even offline. CarryMap provides seamless field work without authorization, payments and in-app purchases. With the app you can use maps prepared in ArcGIS or download free maps covering various territories from our catalog. The maps provided in the catalog were created based on OpenStreetMap bilgi.
1. Work in the app without authorization, payments and in-app purchases.
2. Add your own maps or download free maps from our catalog.
3. Create and edit point, line, and polygon features on map.
4. Add media attachments (photo, video and documents) to features.
5. Search and identify features offline.
6. Measure distances and areas.
7. Create points on-the-fly using your device camera.
8. Record your GPS tracks and create polygons based on them
9. Add graphic marks in the biçim of text, arrows or free hand graphic to the mobile map.

CarryMap: offline mapping Apk Full indir

11. Save selected map areas as bookmarks for quicker access.
12. Use map features as landmarks or destination points.
13. Share collected bilgi in GPKG, GPX, KML/KMZ and SHP formats.
Specialists from electrical energy industry, agriculture, geology and geodesy, housing and utility, water and land resources management, ecology and incident management, urban management, and other areas worldwide successfully use CarryMap app for working with maps and solving their everyday job tasks.
CarryMap app is provided for work with maps of specific mobile format CMF2. To export your ArcGIS maps to this format, you will need CarryMap Builder – an extension to ArcGIS Desktop. Visit https://builder.Carrymap.Com/ to learn more about CarryMap Builder.

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To learn more about CarryMap application, visit https://carrymap.Com.
Your questions or comments are welcome at [email protected]
Subscribe to our Facebook page at https://www.Facebook.Com/carrymap/.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel at https://www.Youtube.Com/c/CarryMap/videos.



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